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CDM Stationary Exhibits


CDM Farmers Market

The CDM Farmers Market educates children about the importance of agriculture. They will learn about fruits/vegetables and the process of shopping. This area is focused on agriculture, mathematics, communication, and imaginative play.


JH Kelly Wind Tunnel 

A wind tunnel is a tunnel like passage through which air is blown at a known velocity to investigate air flow around an object (such as an airplane part or model) placed in the passage.


Children can take cloth, paper cones, or create their very own paper airplane and watch the wind to take it up through the wind tunnel tube.

Cowlitz PUD Water Wheel 

The CDM Water Wheel was created by the Cowlitz PUD in 2016. The Water Wheel takes water and turns it into electricity. Children will be able to experience this by pushing the water pedal and seeing the wheel turn it into electricity.

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