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Quarterly Exhibits

The CDM produces 5 quarterly exhibits that discuss and education children about the world around them. 

February-May 2023: The CDM Theatre Exhibit

The CDM Theater Exhibit examined different in the theater arts including on and off stage, acting, directing, lighting and sound design, set construction and costuming. The CDM theater exhibit highlighted performing arts organizations in the community including The Columbia Theatre of Performing Arts and Lower Columbia College Center Stage. This exhibit was partnered with The Columbia Theatre of Performing Arts and Lower Columbia College Center Stage. 

June-August 2023: The CDM Music Exhibit 

The CDM Music Exhibit focused on an introduction to music and percussion instruments. Children were able to learn about a variety of percussion instruments and the history behind them. The exhibit featured an acoustic & electric drum set, a piano, a floor piano, and a recording room. 

August-November 2023: The Camping & Scouting Exhibit 

The CDM Camping and Scouting Exhibit was partnered the Boy Scouts of America to transport children and families into nature. This exhibit taught children about camping safety, animals and insects, how to use a compass and other important aspects of nature.  

November 2023- February 2024: The CDM Holiday Exhibit  

Children and families were transported into a winter wonderland. The museum had its own CDM Express train, snowball fight station, CDM snowy slide and Santa Station. The museum was decorated in holiday cheer with 5 Christmas trees, wreaths and garland everywhere, and large snowflakes all around the museum. 

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