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2024 Quarterly Exhibit Series

The CDM produces 5 quarterly exhibits that discuss and education children about the world around them. 

March-May 2024: NASA & Space Exhibit 

The NASA and Space Exhibit will educate children about the science of space. This exhibit will focus on NASA Mission Control, The Moon Landing, and Mars. This exhibit opens on Saturday, March 16th from 10am-2pm. 

June-September 2024: Weyerhaeuser Exhibit  

The CDM Weyerhaeuser exhibit will focus on forestry and logging in the Pacific Northwest. This will include forestry process, logging equipment, materials, history, etc.  

July-September 2024: Robotics Exhibit 

The CDM Robotics Exhibit will showcase robotics and coding. This exhibit will explore the processes and importance of robotics in our world today. 

September-November 2024: In the Depth of the Ocean 

Children and families were transported into the depth of the ocean where they will learn about the underwater world. This exhibit will focus on sea life, animals, and other important aspects of water and the ocean.

November 2024-February 2025: CDM Holiday Exhibit  

Children and families were transported into a winter wonderland. This exhibit will focus on the North Pole and Elf.

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