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About Us

Toy Block

 The Children's Discovery Museum is a child friendly space right here in Cowlitz County where children and their families can engage in imaginative, interactive hands on learning of the arts, science, and social play. Our exhibits include the nature niche (microscopes, bugs, and other cool science stuff), a farm to market equipped with fruits, vegies, a kitchen to "cook" in, and a dining area for serving up whatever their imagination has created! We have giant building logs, a doctor and dental office, dress-up, a bowling lane, our famous ping-pong shower, and much more! The Children's Discovery Museum is a gift to our community and there is no charge to come and enjoy it.


Our Mission

The Children's Discovery Museum will provide a fun and safe environment to encourage kids and families to learn, engage, and have imaginative and interactive play together.

Our Vision

The Children's Discovery Museum will foster, encourage, and strengthen our community by providing a space where kids and families enjoy shared learning, discovery, and exploration.

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